Prompt (Trip Planner)

This simple chatbot demonstrates several key features of Botfuel Dialog. It has two intents. The greetings intent allows it to respond to a greeting from a user. The `travel` intent allows the user to book a travel ticket based on the destination city, travel date, the number of people traveling, and whether the trip is a one-way or a round trip. As Botfuel Dialog is highly conversational, it does not matter in what order you provide this info. Just start by making your travel request in the Webchat on the right and the bot will guide you!

Entity Extraction

The bot extracts key information from user sentences.

  • I want to travel to Paris.
  • One way ticket.
  • I leave tomorrow.

Random access navigation

The bot is able to modify previously recorded information when the user changes his mind.

  • I want to travel to New York instead.
  • I leave today in fact.
  • I want a round trip ticket instead.


In the middle of a dialog, like travel, if the user answersHello to a question like Do you want a round-trip or a one-way ticket?, the bot will trigger the greetings intent and resume the interrupted travel dialog.

  • Try saying "Hello" after the bot asked you a question