FacetedSearch (Shopping)

This chatbot demonstrates the Botfuel FacetedSearch module (botfuel-module-facetedsearch).

In the bot, the ArticleDialog, which inherits SearchDialog, allows the user to find an article from a database by asking questions for facets like brand, size, color. The questions and their order will depend on the user input and on the data. For example bot will ask for sleave type only when the user is looking for a polo.

In this demo, the bot keeps asking question until there are only 2 or less articles found. For each question only relevant choices are proposed.


Type Hello to start a new conversation and try finding a polo by answering the questions asked by the bot. The bot will ask you different questions depending on your answers as in the following examples:

user messages example 1
  • Hello
  • I want to buy a polo
  • M
  • Polo Raph Laurent
  • Short

user messages example 2
  • Hello
  • I want to buy a polo
  • S
  • Lacoste

In the example below there are only 2 articles matching the criteria, thus the bot returns the results without asking any question.

user messages example 3
  • Hello
  • I want to buy a Levis jean