Text labels displayed in the webchat UI. Every parameter is optional, see default values on the right pane.

labels: {
  sendButtonLabel: 'Send',
  messageInputPlaceholder: 'Write a message...',
  webchatHeaderTitle: 'How can I help you?',
  helpMessage: 'Our support is open from 9am to 7pm CET, from Monday to Friday.',
  onboardingMessage: ['Hey superstar!', 'How are you ?']
Parameter Type Description
sendButtonLabel String Text label of the send message button
messageInputPlaceholder String Placeholder of the user message input
webchatHeaderTitle String Text displayed in the webchat header, at the top of the webchat UI
helpMessage String Text displayed as a help message below the webchat header and above chat messages
onboardingMessage String or String[] Text displayed as the initial bot message. If no value is specified, no message will be displayed