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HTTP Request


Response structure

Parameter Type Description
description Array Description of this Intent
id String Unique identifier for this Intent
label String Given label for this Intent
resolvePrompt String Text displayed to user when bot identifies several QnAs or Intents
trainingScore Integer Integer between 0 and 1 representing how well-trained the Intent is
utterances Array Array of phrases to trigger this Intent


curl -H "App-Id: $BOTFUEL_APP_ID" \
-H "App-Key: $BOTFUEL_APP_KEY" \
-X GET '<intent:id>'
// Response
  "intent": {
    "description": "This is an intent to describe intents",
    "id": "5b559dd3e44b330012882a88",
    "label": "intent-label",
    "resolvePrompt": "Triggering intents",
    "trainingScore": 1,
    "utterances": [
        "value": "First way of triggering this Intent"
        "value": "Second way of triggering this Intent"