Make sure to include the correct authorization headers: App-Id, and App-Key, which can be found in your trainer in the section App settings.

HTTP Request

GET https://api.botfuel.io/trainer/api/v0/classify

Query Parameters

Parameter Default Type Description Required
sentence null String Phrase or sentence to be classified Required

Response structure

Up to three matching QnAs or Intents are provided as a list of elements with the format below.

Parameter Type Description
id String Unique identifier for this QnA or Intent
label String Given title for this QnA or Intent
type String QnA or Intent
probability float Probability that the sentence matches this QnA or Intent , as calculated by our classification model
resolvePrompt String Text displayed to user when bot identifies several QnAs or Intents
answers Array Array of possible bot answers to the question asked by user (only for QnAs )