Botfuel Docs

Botfuel platform makes it easy to build highly conversational chatbots. In these docs you’ll find everything you need to use our bot building platform.

Botfuel Dialog

Botfuel Dialog is an all-inclusive, developer-focused, Node.js chatbot building SDK. Our Natural Language Processing (NLP) web services and QnA module are directly integrated, so developers can focus on chatbot features.

Botfuel NLP & Botfuel QnA

We provide Spell checking, Entity Extraction and QnA services that are already integrated with Botfuel Dialog. They can also be used with other chatbot building libraries through our Node.js clients or directly through our REST APIs.

Botfuel Webchat

Botfuel Webchat is an open-source client for chatbot webchat that can be very easily integrated into any website with a few lines of code. Botfuel Dialog integration with Bofuel Webchat is built-in.


Our analytics platform provides the relevant metrics so your chatbot can continuously be improved.

These docs are updated frequently, so stay tuned!